Doselle Young is a writer of comic books and short stories living in the beautiful City of Angels. He is the creator of the super hero maxi-series The Monarchy for DC Comics and has also written Superman, Wonder Woman and The Authority. His short stories have appeared in the DC/Vertigo anthologies Gangland, Heart Throbs and Strange Adventures, Tor Books The Darker Mask and Creepy magazine for Dark Horse Comics. Doselle has spoken frequently on the subjects of comics, science and pop culture at conventions and has also been immortalized as a dirty cop in Elizabeth Bear's 'Confessor.' Due to an utter disdain for social media, Doselle considers himself a "twentieth century author in a twenty-first century world" and stands by his pledge to never 'friend' himself on Facebook. Most days, he'd rather crawl through your bedroom window than use Twitter and has yet to figure out the meaning of the term 'Instagram.'

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